Monday, 7 May 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #19

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Helix's chance.

GUNNER & SARGE - again, an example of those characters that a year or so ago you'd never have expected to see in a mainstream DC title. However, with DC still going for war titles even after Men of War didn't make the cut, it wouldn't surprise me if they turned up before 2012 finished. They're going in the possible column.

GYPSY - given the whole five years between the League forming and now, I'm guessing that Justice League Detroit never happened - heck, we've had no confirmation that the satellite era happened! With that in mind, I think it safe to say Gypsy won't be around just yet.

HALO - man, and they said Gypsy's outfit was horrible! No Outsiders (at least no Batman-linked Outsiders) in the new DC so no Halo either.

HARBINGER - and we've had confirmation that the Crisis didn't happen in the new DCU either (something to look forward to, I guess) so there'll be no need for Harbinger either.

THE HARLEQUIN - in all likelihood the new Earth-2 title's going to feature Green Lantern Alan Scott. It therefore follows that his wife Molly will also get a look-in and while she may not appear in costume as the Harlequin, I'm still putting her in the definite column as Molly.

HARPIS - another Omega Man, another one we can pass over quickly.

THE HAUNTED TANK - I don't think anything's been mentioned about the Haunted Tank showing up in the forthcoming G.I. Combat but it wouldn't surprise me if it did show up so it's going in the possible list.

HAWK, SON OF TOMAHAWK - and another Old West hero that would normally never surface but, with the success of All Star Western who knows? A back up or a cameo, maybe? He's going in the possible list.

HAWK AND DOVE - definitely already in place even though their book didn't make it past the first year. No idea if they're going to turn up anywhere else but seeing as Rob Liefeld's now writing (or co-writing) another bunch of titles it wouldn't surprise me.

HAWKGIRL - this is the Earth-2 version and, as such, it wouldn't surprise me if she and her archaeologist hubby turned up in the pages of James Robinson's Earth-2 before year's end. In the possible list.

HAWKMAN - the Earth-2 version here and, as I mention just above, I think it possible that he'll make an appearance before the end of 2012. The only reason I'm not going for definite is because...

HAWKMAN - already in place in the pages of Savage Hawkman, a title which I started getting but ditched after a weak start and the news that Liefeld was taking over. Mention was made of him being from Thanagar which is why I treated him differently to the E-2 version above.

HAWKWOMAN - there was no sign of her before I dropped Savage Hawkman but, if he turns out to be from Thanagar, I guess it's possible a Hawkwoman might appear. In the possibles, then. Thank goodness DC streamlined the Hawks' origins, eh?

HEAT WAVE - I know the Rogues are coming back so even if he hasn't appeared by now (mid-Feb, people) he'll definitely be around by year's end.

HECTOR HAMMOND - the giant-headed one appeared a couple of years ago in Green Lantern and then got caught up in the events surrounding the Brightest Day but we haven't seen him for a while. Probably won't before the end of 2012 either.

HELIX - while Helix itself hasn't been seen, dear old Mr Bones has been (according to the internet - and that would never lie, would it?) in the pages of Batwoman. I guess there's a possibility that some version of the group might appear in Earth-2 if there's a version of Infinity Inc but I doubt it'll happen this year.

So in summary, two entries in place (Hawk and Dove and E-1 Hawkman) two definite predictions (Harlequin (or at least Molly Scott) and Heat Wave) and six possible (Gunner & Sarge, Haunted Tank, Hawk, son of Tomahawk, E-2 Hawkgirl, E-2 Hawkman, E-1 Hawkwoman)


  1. I do love this feature, Gary!

    I bet Gypsy appears, she seems popular with creators - heck, as Vibe looks to be showing up in Trinity War, can Cindy be far behind?

    Halo seems less likely, but who would have expected Looker to get a look-in, and she's going to be a National Comics headliner (after her ID Emily was mentioned in DCUP).

    The Haunted Tank cameoed in the Free Comic Book Day New 52 #1 this week.

    Hawkwoman is coming in Earth 2, hurrah!

    1. Cheers, Martin - glad you're enjoying it!

      With Vibe now confirmed (and do you know, he didn't get a solo entry in the original Who's Who which is just as well as I would NEVER have put him down for a comeback!) I'd really like to see Gypsy as well.

      Yeah, Looker's another one I crashed and burned on.

      Not sure whether to count that appearance of the Haunted Tank - it was just the tank and no crew after all...

      And yep, glad I put Hawkwoman/girl down as a possible! Now if only I felt so confident about Molly/Harlequin as I did when I wrote the article...

  2. i always liked how Who's Who was done a bit more artistically but the Marvel Universe Official Handbooks always had that cool "strength Level" listing under each character bio letting you know how much they could lift/press.

    1. Never read any of the Marvel Handbooks, being something of a dyed-in-the-wool DC boy. Although if I saw them cheap, I'd probably pick them up.


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