Thursday, 5 April 2012

Worlds' Finest #1 Variant Cover

In just a few weeks' time we get issue #1 of Worlds' Finest which brings back Power Girl to the DCU, teaming her with Huntress as they try to get back to Earth-2, thus reintroducing the multiverse to the mainstream DCU as well.

We've already seen the George Perez cover:

But now we get to see the Kevin Maguire variant courtesy of IGN:

Spot the difference there? Huntress looks much the same but PG's costume has some big differences. The arms are fully covered, the boots and gloves are blue not gold and the original shield is more of a badge.

According to where I found the link this
"is a finalized version of the first issue’s cover which, unlike the Pérez version, features the “final” Power Girl costume which will be the norm for the series."
so we can expect her to be in this costume rather than the Perez one. Anyone want to take bets on whether the Perez cover will be altered prior to publication?

The only thing that doesn't work for me is the blue stripe down the side - just smacks of some sort of skiing outfit to me.

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  1. Like it so much better than the Perez drawn one. I can live with the racing stripe.


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