Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Two Men Walk Into The LA Times Festival Of Books...

...and set up a panel talking about Before Watchmen and one of them, Jim Lee, says
"I guarantee you that every one of these creators that is working on these books will outdo or match the original,"
to which the only sensible response can be:


  1. While I am looking forward to this (I like the creators involved, and think that anything they do takes nothing away from the original), I in no way think this will be better than the original book.

    1. As I've said before, I wish all concerned well but I won't be buying any of the titles; Watchmen's a complete story in and of itself and while I agree that nothing these prequels contain will detract from the original, I really don't see them adding anything to it either.

  2. I'm just hoping to be entertained. Which is happening less and less with DC these days. I gave up on Marvel a long time ago...while I still grab an issue here or there, I buy nothing from the House of Mouse Ideas.

    I'm getting into more "indy" books. I say that with a grain of salt, because there is hardly such a thing anymore. I guess I just like the stuff from the smaller publishers.

    The Lone Ranger, Ghostbusters, Chew, Saga and The Walking Dead. Self contained books that I do not need to read 15 different books a month to try and figure out what is going on.

    That being said, I am loving Animal Man and Swamp Thing right now...and Mandrakes art on Night Force is enough to make up for a so-so story thus far. The Flash is a beautiful book to read. Blending art and story in a way that few others can do.

    1. On the whole, I'm still enjoying my DC books though there are a couple (Green Arrow for example) where once again I feel I'm reading it for the sake of the character rather than actually enjoying them.

      I'm enjoying Fatale at the moment which is a little different to what I normally read as far as comics go, not to mention the one or two issues a year of the gorgeous Lady Mechanika!


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