Thursday, 26 April 2012

It's Always Sad When Friends Break Up

Want to find out what's happening in the wonderful world of DC Comics? Then your best bet is to check out the dedicated websites as advertised in the back of recent issues of various titles.

You can check out, or all of which are mentioned in the ad on the left there.

As it says, there are social media features including "comments powered by Facebook" as well as real-time Twitter feeds. You lucky people can "follow, like, see trending topics and join the conversation" all over the place because one of the things they're keen to push is how interactive and social the sites are.

And yet . . . there's no mention of DC's Google+ page on there.

Not even a year ago, DC Comics were "thrilled to announce" that they were among the earliest of companies to join Google+ and sure, they do update it regularly but for some reason the All Access ad doesn't mention it.

With their site's comments being powered by Facebook and there being a somewhat acrimonious rivalry between Google and Facebook, have DC decided to play safe and only mention the big boys? Or is Ian Sattler simply not aware of their Google+ page?


  1. Perhaps they realise Google Plus hasn't caught on as hoped?

    1. Yeah, that seems likely. It's a shame as I sort of like Google+ but, as you say, it hasn't caught on. Hardly surprising when you consider just how ubiquitous Facebook is. Can you imagine someone launching a new search engine now in the hopes of knocking Google off the top? They face the same problem when trying to compete with FB.


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