Monday, 2 April 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #14

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got an Enforcer's chance.

EASY COMPANY - who'd have thought one of the new titles from DC would be a war book? Admittedly, Men of War didn't make the first cull and will be cancelled, but kudos for trying. Because of that, Easy Company goes in the already in place column, even though the book's for the chop.

ECLIPSO - this bizarrest of villains faced off against the Justice League last year before his schemes all came to naught. With any luck, we won't see him any time soon.

ELASTIC LAD - while Jimmy Olsen is in place, as far as I know his weird transformations into various super-powered characters haven't happened so I'm calling this a no.

ELASTI-GIRL - last week I said I hoped the Doom Patrol would get an appearance (possibly in DC Universe Presents) before the end of the year, so Elasti-Girl goes in the possibles as well.

EL DIABLO - another beneficiary of the wonderful All Star Western, El Diablo appeared in a couple of back-up stories in the title so is technically already in place.

ELECTROCUTIONER - killed by Speedy during the whole Cry for Justice / Rise of Arsenal thing, it seems unlikely DC will be revisiting this bloke at any point. No great loss.

ELEMENT LAD - a quick check on the interwebs reveals Element Lad's already in place in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

THE ELONGATED MAN - oh, Ralph. I still miss you and Sue. Thanks to the events of Identity Crisis and the 52, both the Dibny's ended up dead but, in this wonderful world of comics, with the hint of a return as some sort of ghost detectives. While nothing's been said concerning their return (or even if they're alive in the new post-Flashpoint world) it would be nice to bring them back. However, if it happens, I don't think it'll be before the end of the year.

EL PAPAGAYO - this guy has to go in the possible column simply because he's an Old West hero who may turn up in All Star Western!

ELU - one of the Omega Men, so we can discount him. Her. It. Whatever it was.

EMERALD EMPRESS - one of the Fatal Five, it's possible that they might reform to fight the Legion but I don't know enough to guess. Dave Sopko, the official COEP Legion go to guy says "Recently seen in the Legion Annual just prior to the DCnU starting. Possible that she could show up again real soon. Paul Levitz seems to really like the character." So she goes in the possibles.

THE ENCHANTRESS - after years of mental health problems, the Enchantress ended up as one of the best characters in Shadowpact. Following the relaunch, she's in Justice League Dark so is already in place.

ENEMY ACE - possibility of a flashback story in a war comic, but highly unlikely.

ENFORCER - an old Firestorm villain. Nope, not coming back.

THE ERADICATOR - not the Kryptonian that was a Superman villain, then a Superman wannabe, then a hero, but a Flash villain and, as such, won't be back.

EVIL STAR - as he did with Black Hand, I could see Geoff Johns doing something with this old Green Lantern villain but can't see it happening before 2013.

THE FADEAWAY MAN - did I read that the Fadeaway Man was going to be one of the villains in Savage Hawkman? I think I did, but I dropped the title before he arrived so I'm going for a possible.

FASTBACK - one of the Zoo Crew so I think we can safely rule him out.

So in summary, four in place (Easy Company, El Diablo, Element Lad and Enchantress), no definite predictions, and four possibles (Elasti-Girl, El Papagayo, Emerald Empress and The Fadeaway Man)


  1. We do have an Enemy Ace descendant, Will von Hammer in Shade, so he's kinda sorta there, well, legacy wise!

    1. Ah, but is he flying a German war plane and struggling with a conflict between his duty and his ethics? If not, I'm not counting him!

  2. The ELECTROCUTIONER was mentioned (and his gloves were seen) in Batwoman #8 this Wednesday...

    1. That's a nice catch, Shadz - thanks. Let me know if someone actually puts those gloves on and becomes the Electrocutioner, yeah?


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