Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Don't Call Me Cassandra

Over the last weekend or so, I've had my head buried in copies of Who's Who, frantically finishing writing up my Who Was Who Is Who posts. I've completed all of them up to #52 (due to be posted Christmas Eve would you believe?!) so all my predictions are now locked in place - you'll just have to trust me that I won't change any between now and then!

But hey, where's the fun in that? If I did that then I wouldn't be able to point at this news article that I read yesterday which clearly illustrates what a terrible prophet I am.

It concerns the news about a new DC series called National Comics which will be a series of one shots that
"will serve as a base to explore the publisher's New 52 universe"
which sounds like a good idea to me and I'll probably pick it up.

Trouble is, on Sunday I wrote in Who Was Who Is Who #38 (to be posted 17th September)
"ROSE AND THE THORN - I don't think either of the Earth-1 or Earth-2 versions featured in Who's Who will be making an appearance any time soon."
and what do I read in the press release about National Comics just a couple of days later?
"tales of characters and concepts including Eternity, Rose and Thorn, Madame X and the Outsider team-member Looker"
Rose and Thorn?!

Damn it, I suck at this.

You'll have to wait and see what I wrote about Looker, as well.


  1. A bad guesser, but I expect you're pretty pleased anyway! This sounds like a promising comic.

    And well done on getting so far ahead. I've just done my Best of 2012 ...

    1. Yeah, I'm interested in hearing more about this comic as it sounds like it could be a good launch pad for other series.

      And yep, all my Who Was... posts are done.

      So your Best of 2012 - is the number one spot Before Watchmen or Liefeld on Hawk and Dove again? ;)


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