Sunday, 16 December 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #208

And yes, Jaime, your butt does look fat in that.

Here's your usual Sunday comics round-up:

BLUE BEETLE #14 - Jaime and Khaji-Kai get to Scarabworld where the Reach produce the scarabs which go on to decimate worlds and succeed in starting a chain reaction to destroy the entire place. With that started, though, they have trouble getting off the planet which leads to Jaime managing to get on board a ship while inadvertently leaving Kai behind who, being the suspicious sort, naturally thinks Jaime's betrayed him. On top of that, Sky Witness is still on Jaime's tail.

A couple more issues to go before the end of this series, although we do have Threshold to look forward to.

DEMON KNIGHTS #15 - the Knights leave Lucifer and the Questing Queen's armies to battle with each other and the Silent Knights while Merlin summons King Arthur and his forces to finish off the invaders. Etrigan and Jason Blood have a bit of a scrap before they're rejoined and Merlin is reborn as Adam One, and founds a version of what will become Stormwatch. Trouble is, with the Knights back on Earth, they all decide to head their separate ways.

It's been a cracking series and I shall miss Paul Cornell on this title.

FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #15 - Frankenstein fights on against the Rot, collecting the last part of the Soul Grinder and bringing it to Monument Valley where the few remaining S.H.A.D.E. agents are waiting. Sacrifices are made and a final battle between Frank and his creator takes place before the Grinder's used to inoculate the survivors against the Rot and as they head off to fight the good fight, Nina reveals (at least to the reader) that she and Frank are to be parents.

One more issue to go and this (on the whole) enjoyable series comes to an end.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #15 - Guy's having a rough time coming to terms with having been booted out of the Corps and decides to go old school, taking on criminals who still believe he has a power ring. It all ends terribly, though when he breaks up an arms deal only to be arrested by the undercover cops (including his sister) that had spent years building up to this one deal. Elsewhere, Fatality and John Stewart attempt to rebuild Mogo and Salaak spies on the Guardians, learns their plans but gets caught and imprisoned by them.

Leaving aside the clich├ęd plot of the hero disturbing undercover cops this isn't bad at all. The Guardians prove themselves to be villains once more and you can't help but feel a bit sorry for Salaak.

SAUCER COUNTRY #10 - Arcadia continues with her campaign, scoring an unlikely victory in one of the debates when another candidate is targeted by a UFO related question from one of the audience members. It's beginning to look like there is a conspiracy, but it's actually helping Arcadia, not hindering her.

This continues to be well written and involving and you can't help wondering what it's building to.

And what made me smile:

That's Vandal Savage for you - always thinking of others.


  1. Vandal Savage is awesome, the best part of Demon Knights. He's practically DC's Incredible Hercules.

    1. You're not wrong, Tony - I love Cornell's take on Savage in this title.


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