Sunday, 2 December 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #206

Break it to him gently, Jen

It's Sunday afternoon. That must mean comics.

ALL STAR WESTERN #14 - Jekyll and Hyde are in Gotham City while Jonah Hex and Tallulah Black are trying to track down the formula for Jekyll's potion. You know that's not going to end well, don't you? Also on the scene is the Barbary Ghost, searching for her mother and the three meet up amidst the madness caused by a defective version of the potion hitting the streets. After finding the formula, Tallulah heads off with the Ghost, while Dr Arkham attempts to return the formula to its owner where he instead encounters Mr Hyde.

Another cracking issue; this series is just spot-on. True, Hyde may borrow a little something from the version in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but it's still very good.

AQUAMAN #14 - Aquaman and his brother Ocean Master meet up and have a chat about the recent problems Arthur's been facing. Surprisingly, Orm claims ignorance of the Atlantean attacks against the surface world and Arthur, basically saying if he wanted to attack he would but he has no interest in it. Elsewhere, Vulko returns to the sea, Black Manta turns down the option to join the Suicide Squad and someone releases the Trench creatures.

This is the prelude to the Throne of Atlantis crossover between this and Justice League so it's setting things up nicely. One thing that baffles me, though: throughout this issue, Ocean Master's face is in shadow or only seen in part, yet on the cover, there he is, front and centre. Bit pointless, really.

CROSSED: BADLANDS #18 - as the group in the compound attempt to repel the Crossed, last minute vengeance is wreaked within it and the best laid plans go awry.

I think I'm done with this series now. This last storyline had promise but was wrapped up way too quick with no tension building at all, just here's the Crossed, everyone's dead or infected.

FATALE #10 - Josephine tells Miles her secret and he still wants to help her, breaking into the Church's headquarters to get her book back. Back at her place, though, the Church have massed to capture her. And they come close but she has her own plans and is able to escape even without the help of poor Miles.

Splendid stuff. I'm so glad I took a punt on this title.

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #14 - Firestorm manages to defeat and escape the three two-bit criminals sent to capture him while their controller is revealed as Dr Megala. Unfortunately, Megala's team is able to track Firestorm later, this time successfully capturing him long enough for Megala to effect a mind transfer, putting him in charge of Firestorm's body. And who should show up, offering to help? Captain Atom.

Jurgens again delivers some great, straight forward storytelling, though his version of Captain Atom is markedly different from that of Freddie Williams's .

GHOST #2 - in their quest to find out who she is, Ghost manages to get into the lab of Dr October that's become a crime scene. While she manages to get the information she needs, Vaughan ends up arrested before his ex pays his bail and gets him out. The Mayor, who has his own little secret, realises Dr October's flown the coop while Ghost finally discovers who she used to be.

This is good; a nice reboot of established Ghost stories, bringing in old characters with a new twist. Hopefully there'll be an on-going after this mini-series.

PHANTOM LADY #4 - Phantom Lady and Doll Man decide to use their heads rather than their fists to combat the Benders; instead of fighting them, Jen sneaks into his office and plants video recorders to get evidence of his crimes. What they capture is him taking vengeance in a particularly vicious way against Funerella. Just when they think they've got enough, Bender and his gang attack, forcing Jen to use her black light powers to defeat him. When it's all over, Uncle Sam and the Ray turn up and offer them the chance to join them.

I enjoyed this mini-series and, once again, am hoping that it'll lead into another stab at a Freedom Fighters ongoing, maybe next year.

TEEN TITANS #14 - Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl go up against Diesel as Cassie tries to reclaim the armour he's stolen from her. Back at the HQ, as the other Titans wonder where everyone is, Solstice is approached by a mysterious guy offering her the chance to return to normal. While Cassie gets the armour back and the other return, the team quickly splits up again due to events in the Superboy and the Batman titles so the end feels more than a little rushed.

Despite that, this trundles along nicely.

And what made me smile:

See? Comics can still be fun!

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