Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Perusing Previews - December 2012

Chief among the many, many, many crimes committed in Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the way one of the coolest villains ever was casually discarded at the end of the film. The death of Darth Maul was a shocking waste of a great character - imagine if the first Star Wars film had killed off Darth Vader at the end of the battle of the Death Star instead of sending him spinning off into space. Why couldn't Lucas pull a similar stunt with Maul?

Anyway, his apparent return in the animated Clone Wars series has been all over the place lately but bringing him back with the lower body of a mechanical spider?! I think I'd rather have left him dead.

Regular readers know I'm picking up this series anyway but look - horror and the Old West meet! Can't wait for this one!

A new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen spin off! Oh yes!

Thank you, Previews - I now have a new webcomic to catch up on.

Hahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Oh, please excuse me . . . hahahaha!

And look, there's even a bunch of trailers for it:


  1. I'm not sure that I can concur that Darth Maul was a "great character." Sure, he looked badass, but he had one line of dialogue, and no personality whatsoever.

    1. Okay, how about "had the potential to be a great character"? From the moment I saw the promo material for Phantom Menace, I assumed it would lead up to a fight between Maul and Vader for the position of Emperor's right-hand bad guy. That would have been better than just slicing him in half at the end of the first film.

  2. SNOW SHARK!!! I have not seen acting that bad in a long time...or at least since Costners performance as Robin Hood. I guess that was a long time ago though.

    1. Costner? What about Alan Rickman's fantastic death scene?!

    2. Alan Rickman gets a pass from me. Costner...not so much. Just the way I roll. ;^)


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