Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dan Didio's Diabolical Dialogue

With last week's Phantom Stranger #3 it looks like I was right when I said I might be returning to Dan Didio's Diabolical Dialogue sometime soon.

The story's not terrible - it's not really making the most of the mystery surrounding the Stranger's apparent normal family; no-one's questioning who the wife and kids are or where they've come from - but it's not bad.

What does hurt for me is reading the leaden, clunking dialogue that Didio has his characters, and particularly the villain in this issue, speak:

"Dawn breaks, and I must return to my unholy resting place."

Sweet Cthulhu, even villains in the 70's didn't utter such nonsense.

That's right, mate - you go ahead and unleash your demon fury on the bloke. See how that works out.

You know, when DeMatteis takes over, I hope he's doing the dialogue.


  1. I just love that sort of thing from villains. I assume ghostly cowboys are given Ponderous Demon Dialogue lessons as soon as they arrive in Hell.

    1. Haha! That's the only explanation, Martin!


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