Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thank You, Keith Giffen

Above is the cover of the forthcoming Threshold #3 wherein Keith Giffen introduces a "new character with a familiar name" - Captain K'Rot, a talking, psychotic rabbit with one dead eye and a wooden leg.

In an interview with Newsarama, Giffen shares his big beef with comics at the moment:

Giffen: ...with Threshold, I'm trying desperately to have fun. Comic books are supposed to be fun. Comic books are supposed to be big and loud and bombastic and fun.
I don't want to do European style comic books. I want to do good, old-fashioned American comic books. And I'm not saying that out of some desire to be patriotic or something. No. I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with what we were doing in this country with comic books. Alright, maybe they didn't appeal to adults. But they were big and just a lot of fun. 
Nrama: And you want to get back to that. 
Giffen: Yeah, I just want to get back to it.
I've said time and again how much I enjoy fun comics: the last version of Blue Beetle (not co-incidentally written by Giffen), the current Demon Knights, Shadowpact, Gail Simone's All New Atom, Giffen's Doom Patrol, All-Star Western and, top of the list, Power Girl.

If there's another title to add to that list in Threshold, I for one will be picking it up.


  1. This feels like it is taking forever to get here. Cannot wait for this to finally hit.

    For a fun comic, try the new Deadpool if you haven't. I am not a Deadpool fan, but I read the first three issues and it was a lot of fun.

    1. Totally agree - so looking forward to this!


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