Monday, 24 December 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #52

Throughout the whole of 2012, I've been using Monday's posts to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I could predict who would make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Knodar's chance.

In issue #26 of the original Who's Who they had a bit of a catch-up and looked at characters that had been missed in the earlier issues, hence the sudden change back to earlier letters.

ZATARA - presumably still dead in the New 52, while Zatanna might get the odd message or ghostly appearance from her dad, I don't expect him to be around much.

THE ZOO CREW! - as I've mentioned when covering the original members, I can't see Captain Carrot and his friends appearing anywhere soon.

ZOOT SPUTNIK - the roginal entry mentioned that "Neither Zoot Sputnik nor the 'MAZING MAN cast exist in the mainstream DC Universe." and I can't see that changing.

ZYKLON - an old Nazi enemy of the All Star Squadron, I think the time has past for these guys and none too soon.

ANGEL AND THE APE - a sassy private detective and her ape companion. I doubt they'll be back soon.

BLACKJAK - appeared in Atari Force, so no need to know anything more.

CANNON & SABER - enemies of the Adrian Chase Vigilante, I can't see them tunrning up again.

CAPTAIN TRIUMPH - will James Robinson revisit this tortured hero in Earth-2, building on what he did with him in Golden Age? To be honest, I sort of doubt it. Another hero too tightly bound to a particular time, I don't think we'll see him in Earth-2.

CAPTAIN X - another World War II hero that I think we can discount.

DRAGONSWORD - while he appeared in Warlord it looks like he was unconnected to Skataris. As that land has a really slim chance of appearing anywhere in the New DCU, I guess Dragonsword has next to none.

GUY GARDNER - missed out in the original issue dealing with Green Lanterns, Gardner was firmly in place by the time the last Who's Who came out. A fan favourite over the years, he's definitely in place since the relaunch.

KNODAR - hahahahaha! No, good lord, no!

MEKANIQUE - a robot too closely entwined with Infinity Inc to ever stand a chance of returning, so this one's a no as well.

NEUTRON - don't think we've seen Neutron since the whole Salvation Run thing before Final Crisis during which he died. Seems unlikely that he'll be around again.

THE 1000 - criminal organistation that went up against Booster Gold and Superman among others. Either way, it's not a separate character so I'm not counting it.

So in summary, just one in place (Guy Gardner) with no predictions or possibles.

As next week's the last Monday of 2012, I'll be doing my usual Cocktail of the Year post so call in next Tuesday and we'll do a spot of tallying up and see how we did.


  1. Gary, you may have seen this already but given how much of a Who's Who fan you are you outta check out the bottom of my most recent posting.

    1. Been away for most of Christmas so am on my way over now... !

  2. Captain Carrot is already back, as hardbitten interstellar mercenary K'rot in a blatant ripoff off Marvel's Rocket Raccoon.

    1. I don't know enough (read: anything) about Rocket Raccoon as a character or the new Captain K'rot to compare them, but at least K'rot and Raccoon share a creator in Giffen so I'm happy to read the upcoming Threshold series.


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