Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #169

Mmmmm, plump piggies . . .

Looks like pork's on the menu today.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 - written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Sandra Hope, Matt "Batt" Banning and Mark Irwin.

Darkseid's invasion of Earth comes to an admittedly predictable end and the Justice League eventually get their name.

The finale of the battle against Darkseid is here and, as you can imagine, it's full of big punches and splash pages as the League pull out all the stops kicking the bad god's butt while Batman single handedly rescues Superman from Apokolips. There's some nice touches: Wonder Woman and Aquaman both stabbing Darkseid's eyes; mention of the multiverse; and the public acceptance of the League. Then there's the mention of Darkseid's daughter which is something new as far as I'm aware; he's got a handful of bastard sons kicking around but I'm pretty sure this is the first we've heard of her.

There's a couple of epilogues as well: is that Ra's Al Ghul standing against the wall, casting a Batman/devil-like shadow? And while Pandora (formerly known as Lady Flashpoint around these parts) gets a smattering of background details, I'm more pleased to see the Phantom Stranger back in the DCU.

All in all, not a terrible end to the first storyline.

KIRBY: GENESIS - DRAGONSBANE #2 - written by Robert Rodi with art by Fritz Casas.

The only other comic I picked up this week was the second of what's continuing to be the best of the Kirby: Genesis spin-offs. The Viking heroes manage to get out of Circe's grip after she'd turned them all into pigs (seriously, is that the only spell she knows?) thanks to the arrival of Ulysses who joins the gang as they head to the Persian lands to help the spectral princess. Not surprisingly, there are some very heavy hints being bandied about that she's not all she says she is and I don't think any reader will be surprised if she turns out to be the bad guy in all of this.

That said, it's still better than Captain Victory or Silver Star so we should be grateful for that. Plus the art's nice, although one page is a shockingly lazy pair of panels reproduced three times.

Still, not bad like I say.

And what made me smile:

The Super Seven indeed!

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