Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kids Today, They Got No Respect

While that may be true, it seemed they had no respect twenty five odd years ago, either.

As regular readers know, I'm going through my old Who's Who and taking a stab at guessing which characters from the old days will make it into the New 52 and in #13, I came across a letter from "M" in Spartanburg, South Carolina who listed various things they thought could be improved. In the list was this little gem:

Yep, M from Spartanburg was complaining about the amount of Kirby artwork in the pages of Who's Who. It's not like Kirby did anything for comics, is it? I mean, why have so much of his stuff?

To be fair to DC, they did address it in their response:

I like to think of M reading this issue and realising what an idiot he/she has been.


  1. I'm afraid some people think that comics started with with Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld, anything before that is considered irrelevant.

    1. Now that is a scary thought, Rob.


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