Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday's World Wide Web #6

Never one to let a theme fall by the wayside, I'm resurrecting the Wednesday World Wide Web thanks to last week's Blue Beetle #7 which gives us this DCU website:

At, you can watch costumed adventurers smacking fifteen year old girls in the face.

Or you could if you have $10,000 to spare:

You need to be quick, though - only one day to go!


  1. Hmm, I dropped Blue Beetle after #1 (does that even count as dropping?) but I always like Bad Beetles. Is that a Red Beetle then?

    1. Blue Beetle's been kinda up and down - sometimes I enjoy, sometimes I don't.

      That's actually Jaime's friend Paco in the Red Beetle suit. Long story short, Beetle forced his scarab to heal Paco; the consequence was an automated anti-Blue Beetle scarab took him over. In order to get the Red Beetle to leave Paco, Jaime had to convince him that the Blue scarab was in control, hence striking Brenda.

      Not my favourite issue at all.


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