Friday, 2 March 2012

Earth-2 Supergirl / Power Girl

And the Earth-2 heroes keep coming; here's E-2's Supergirl before she becomes Power Girl.
"“Superman’s cousin loves her adopted world with a passion, seeing how the people of Earth have adopted her and taken her to their hearts,” said EARTH 2 writer James Robinson. “She is the definitely brightest light among this first group of Earth 2 heroes.”"
That line about PG being the "brightest light" certainly gives me hope for Worlds' Finest as just about all we've heard about Earth-2 so far is fairly grim - Batman willing to kill, Wonder Woman being all "stabby" to use Martin's phrase.

One thing, though: head over to the DC Source blog (the first link up above) and check out the HUGE hi-res picture of Supergirl. Is it me or has Kevin Maguire taken to using MS Paint to colour his drawing?

Why didn't Jim Lee do that with his Wonder Woman sketch?

Oh, right . . . that's why.

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