Monday, 12 March 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #11

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, and with DC's New 52 well under way (how long are they keeping that title do you think?) I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Demolition Team's chance.

DAILY PLANET - yes it's in place, no I'm not counting it. Why? It's a newspaper, people!

DARK CIRCLE - Legion villains, I'm pretty sure they're not coming back any time soon but that's where Dave Sopko, the official COEP Legion go to guy comes in. He says "Doubt we'll see them in the near future, short of a conversational mention here or there. I think that they will show up eventually, but probably a few years down the line."

DARK DESTROYER - villain from Atari Force. Do I have to say anything more?

DARK OPAL - the whole Amethyst / Gemworld thing isn't going to reappear before the end of the year, so I think we can count this guy out.

DARKSEID - revealed as the first villain for the new Justice League, old granite-face is definitely back.

DART - and another Atari Force alumni we won't be seeing again.

DAWNSTAR - the Legionnaire who is to lace-up bodices what Power Girl is to leotards, she's in place in the pages of Legion Lost.

DEADMAN - another one who's already in place, it's nice to see Deadman getting some love after his success in Brightest Day.

DEADSHOT - a mainstay of the old Suicide Squad, Floyd Lawton's back in their ranks as of the relaunch. If I'm perfectly honest, I'd rather have retained the Secret Six but that wasn't up to me, I'm afraid.

DEATHBOLT - an old villain of the All-Star Squadron, it seems unlikely that he'll be back any time soon.

DEEP SIX - these Kirby creations were killed off in the Death of The New Gods lead in to Final Crisis and while that story's effectively been negated by Flashpoint, I don't think we need to worry about setting a place at the table for these guys.

DEIMOS - a villain from Skataris, I doubt we'll be seeing him soon as (certainly at the time of writing - late January) I've heard nothing about the Warlord or Skataris returning.

DEMOLITION TEAM - destroyers of Ferris Aircraft! Wearers of matching T-shirts! Uses of construction-themed weapons! Not a hope of returning!

THE DEMON - ah, Etrigan, one of the stars of one of my favourite new titles since the relaunch, Demon Knights. A damn fine series so far and a great place to showcase Etrigan.

DEMONIA - one of the Omega Men so I don't think we'll be seeing her.

DESAAD - where would Darkseid be without his lackey and resident sadist? While he hasn't shown his face yet, with Darkseid in the pages of Justice League, it's got to be just a matter of time so I'm putting him in the definite column.

DESPERO - he showed up in the pages of Booster Gold prior to Flashpoint in a sub-plot that, unless I'm mistaken, went precisely nowhere. I'd love to see his pumped up murderous version appear to battle the Justice League again but don't think it likely before the end of 2012.

So in summary, five already in place (Darkseid, Dawnstar, Deadman, Deadshot and The Demon) with one definite (Desaad)


  1. And well done, Desaad did indeed show up in the page of Justice League. Sadly, he didn't bring a story with him.

    1. Yep, patted myself on the back when I read JL #6.


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