Saturday, 17 March 2012

Zombies And Playboy Bunnies

Over the last few months, I've picked out various things in issues of Previews that either make me laugh or just plain baffle me. One thing I've seen cropping up fairly frequently is the mixture of zombies and sexy ladies like so:

and, frankly, I'll be darned if I see the connection.

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, does see one as he's revealing the origins of one of the series' characters, Michonne, in Playboy:
"Playboy and Robert Kirkman, writer of both the comic and TV show The Walking Dead, have teamed up to exclusively introduce the origins of comic book fan favorite Michonne, in the April issue of Playboy (on newsstands and on Friday, March 16). Illustrated by Charlie Adlard, artist for Skybound/Image’s The Walking Dead, the story features brilliant art to accompany the never-before-seen mystery that explores how the iconic and sexy Michonne discovered her impressive skills as a master swordswoman and became the most admired and beloved survivor."
I can't help wondering whether Kirkman would have revealed the origin of a male character in Playboy; I'd guess not as the readership of Playboy is likely almost exclusively male and what man wants to read about a dependable, strong man capable of defending himself and his friends when they're reading a magazine full of naked women?

But then, what guy wants to read about zombies in a girlie mag? When did comics, sex and zombies become part and parcel of the same thing? Did I miss a meeting?

Just baffling and more than a little sad.

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