Sunday, 21 August 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #142

Er . . . yeah, what Hassan said.

Due to a balls-up with the delivery at my local comic shop, I ended up getting some of last week's issues this week while missing out on things like Power Girl and Justice League of America. Oh well, hopefully they'll turn up next week.
  • THE BOYS: BUTCHER, BAKER, CANDLESTICKMAKER #2 - Butcher goes to the Falklands and realises that he is more his father's son than he's happy with. Still, after being discharged from the army and being on the receiving end of several kickings, it looks like some good's going to come of things next issue.
  • DC RETROACTIVE: GREEN LANTERN - THE 80's #1 - honestly, I'd have preferred Dave Gibbons to be illustrating the main story here as I've never been a fan of Joe Staton's work. The story's okay, highlighting John Stewart who never gets as much time in the limelight as he should, as well as Tawny Young who pretty much vanished after Crisis... and Millennium. Is it my imagination or is this the first time Sonar's been portrayed viz a slightly Germanic ack-sent?
  • DC RETROACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - THE 80's #1 - after having gone through the Justice League Detroit issues recently it was sort of nice to see Gerry Conway writing Vibe and the others again, even if he still suffered as he did back then with struggling to convince both himself and the readers that the Detroit League deserved the title. The tale's not bad, though, and the art's nice if a little dark.
  • FLASHPOINT: ABIN SUR - THE GREEN LANTERN #3 - Abin Sur and Sinestro come to blows while the Flashpoint Guardians look just like the recent film versions. There's a surprise at the end which might play into the end of the main title . . . or might simply be ignored.
  • FLASHPOINT: THE LEGION OF DOOM #3 - Heat Wave's attack on Detroit fails miserably and Cyborg saves the day. Proving you can't keep a bad guy down, Plastic Man shows up after Heat Wave kills him. Not terrible but nothing brilliant either.
  • FLASHPOINT: THE OUTSIDER #3 - James Robinson continues to write an entertaining mini-series while failing to do the same on recent issues of Justice League of America. Ah well, it was nice to see Martian Manhunter handled in a new way.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 - as the title comes to an end just before the reboot, a bunch of artists illustrate the friction between the various members who, despite their differences, all have to come together at the end because they are the Corps. Shame it's coming to an end, but at least we'll get mostly the same thing when it relaunches in a few weeks.
  • ZATANNA #16 - and another Flashpoint casualty comes to an end with a mildly amusing tale which, while not as good as the earlier issues, is okay.
And what made me smile:

Ahhh, DC. You'll let characters have their heads ripped off and explode on the page; you'll even be happy with Zatanna dropping hints of having a threesome with two men; but you won't let one of your characters say a naughty word, will you?

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