Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Frankenstein And The Laws Of Optics

I've enjoyed Flashpoint: Frankenstein and The Creatures of The Unknown; it's been one of the more entertaining Flashpoint minis and was the main reason I decided to pick up the new Frankenstein series in September.

However, one thing in last week's issue #3 kind bugged me.

To recap, Frankenstein and his friends were attacked by Shrieve and her friends, including a G.I. Robot. With the arrival of the Bride, though, things turned out well for our horrible heroes and #3 finds them discussing what to do next:

Notice that G.I. Robot's maybe twelve or more feet away from Frankenstein and the Bride (given the enormous size of Frankenstein as a reference) and that he's still wearing his helmet.

While the Bride wants Frankenstein to go with her, he knows he has to stick with his squad until they find Dr Mazursky who can help his friends. Luckily, he has a handy map . . .

Unknown to them, however, G.I. Robot's still active and is able to transmit an image back to General Lane:

How about that? The robot's facing away from Frankenstein, is wearing a helmet that has a brim over his eyes and yet is able to view not only the map he's holding, but the top of the Bride's head as if he's six or seven feet above them!

To better illustrate my point, I channelled the artistic ability of a six year old and produced this:

Robots, eh? Fricking marvellous things.

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