Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cherry Picking Canon

Erin over at Exploring The Time Lab posted a simple yet interesting question the other day:
"What would you change or keep in canon if you were in charge of the DCnU?"
She has her own ideas, most of which I agree with (particularly "Countdown never happened. Countdown happened for no one.") and it got me to thinking about my own choices.

First, I'd keep everything pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Even the really weird stuff because by keeping all of that, we get to keep this:

Yep - Crisis... itself. It's a great story and one of my all time faves. You keep Crisis... and you can then get to keep the good stuff that came out of it, principally the revamps of Batman and Superman. But you also get to keep Power Girl (as survivor of Earth-2 - the Arion stuff never happened) and Helena Bertinelli's Huntress which then leads into Birds of Prey which is well worth keeping.

I'm happy with keeping Infinite Crisis as it does form a good sequel to the original, but we can lose both Identity Crisis and Final Crisis from my new DCU. Keeping Infinite Crisis allows us to keep Villains United which means we keep Secret Six so all's well and good there.

I'd keep the Justice Society and, in general, keep most of the legacy heroes as well - Ryan Choi's Atom, Mia Dearden's Speedy, Conner Hawke's Green Arrow and Jaime Reyes's Blue Beetle off the top of my head.

52 would remain canon as well because I like having a multiverse, dammit, though Grant Morrison would not get to keep it all to himself and his long-touted yet never appearing Multiversity which, I suspect, will do for the multiverse what the original Crisis... did to Hawkman: make it so toxic no-one will approach it for years.

Oh and Ice has her original origin restored, though that should go without saying.


  1. Knew I forgot some stuff. The only reason I could think of to keep Identity Crisis is what happens to Tims' dad but they could explain it without the extra stuff. Yes to Ices' first origin. The only reasons I can think of for Jurgens not undoing it is if he likes it or if DC won't undo it.

  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Jurgens simply ignored the Winick ret-con and treated Ice as if it had never happened. I'd be happy with that.


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