Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pants On, Pants Off

If Mr Miyagi had said that, I might have paid more attention to Karate Kid in the 80's.

As it is, I've paraphrased him as DC have revealed the final cover to the new Justice League book that's launching the whole reboot / relaunch thing:

The (apparently) big difference from the original preview images? Wonder Woman is no longer wearing pants (I'm using the America expression for trousers - over here in the UK, the idea that Wonder Woman doesn't wear pants means something entirely different.)

Newsarama very kindly put both images together for comparison:

Click to embiggen
I'm not a Wonder Woman reader so aside from the internet, the first time I saw her in her new outfit of jacket and pants was in Justice League: Generation Lost and I have to admit to kinda liking the look on the comic page. Just seems a little odd that they're dropping the Jim Lee design on a book that he's pencilling.

Are DC caving to fan pressure? If so, there are a lot bigger things they could change their mind over.

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