Sunday, 14 August 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #141

Forever? Well, at least until September.

Sunday afternoon = comics in my world.

  • BOOSTER GOLD #47 - and another series comes to an end, courtesy of Flashpoint. Booster faces off against Doomsday once more but with an ending that's somewhat surprising with new girl Alex proving to be very resourceful. After that, it's a quick hop across the Atlantic to try and get Flash to help Booster return to the real timeline which is partially successful. He ends up at Vanishing Point but with no recollection of the Flashpoint world or Alex. Alex appears to have been brought back with him but as some sort of energy being; however, as she's in the pre-Flashpoint DCU, she's unlikely to make it through whatever happens in Flashpoint #5 that transforms the world into the new DCU. Sad to see the series end as it's been good fun on the whole but at least we get Booster in the new Justice League International.
  • FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #3 - seriously, Cold? You kill a woman's nephew then ask her out on a date? There's a mild surprise as a traitor in the Rogues is revealed before the ending where Cold's crimes catch up to him. Not bad, but nothing special.
  • FLASHPOINT: DEADMAN AND THE FLYING GRAYSONS #3 - it's another issue of kill the hero as a bunch of DCU replicants bite the dust one after the other as they try to save the helm of Nabu from the Amazons. Grayson ends up meeting the Resistance and taking ownership of the helm - wonder if he'll turn up in the main series?
  • FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #3 - Aquaman lives up to his portrayal throughout this series as an arrogant, proud idiot, too intent on vengeance to listen to reason. It's been good, on the whole.
  • FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN #3 - not quite as entertaining as issues 1 and 2 but still the most fun of the minis this week. Frankenstein leaves his squad after they've attained a measure of peace one way or another and heads off for the main battle in Britain. Again, I wonder if he'll turn up in the main title?
  • PUNISHER MAX #16 - ah, Jason Aaron, you little monkey! Nice bait and switch in the prison and a surprise revelation as to Frank's last words to his wife make this an altogether spot-on issue. Oh, and loving the cover preview of next issue!
  • THE STAND: THE NIGHT HAS COME #1 - the spies enter Vegas and get caught by Flagg with the exception of one of them, but he has trouble brewing when someone from the past recognises him. The excellent adaptation continues.
  • TEEN TITANS #99 - frantically rushing to get to issue #100 before the DCnU arrives, Teen Titans rolls along, pitting the team against their evil counterparts before a last two-page group shot where a whole bunch of previous team members turn up to kick some butt in the big final issue. If only the whole of JT Krul's run had been as much fun.
  • WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS: AFTERMATH #2 - the Guardians are seriously, seriously messed up right now. How can they not see that burying Krona in the tomb of the Corps will rile up the members? How can they not see that having Sinestro as a Corps member won't hack some of them off so much that they'll attempt an assassination? Convinced they're right, they won't accept any more insubordination. Sooner or later, they're going to get their comeuppance. Oh, and what are they doing to Ganthet?
And what made me smile:

Daddy . . . as a mummy!

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