Sunday, 7 August 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #140

Deadshot asks what we've been thinking for a while

It's Sunday afternoon, so it's a look at this week's comics.

  • THE BOYS #57 - Wee Hughie and Annie chat about where they're going and how Hughie's recent discoveries about Butcher affect his perception of The Boys and their crazy leader and, on the plus side, they seem to be getting on better again. And then there's the end revelation about The Legend and Queen Maeve . . . *shudder*
  • FLASHPOINT #4 - Element Woman turns up to rescue Flash and his friends before they head off and convince Captain Thunder to make an appearance and Batman to team up with them. Then it's off to not very Merrie Olde England where Wonder Woman ends up killing a defenceless teenager. And the Reverse Flash turns up. It's all moving fairly quickly but I'm not feeling much emotional investment in this story. It's not bad but neither is it very engaging, either. And as this is the penultimate issue, I wonder if that's a good thing or not?
  • FLASHPOINT: BATMAN - KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #3 - whereas this mini-series is one of the better Flashpoint spin-offs / read alongside things that's going on, partly because of the writing, partly the art. It's a fitting end to the story that does pack a punch and, if you ignore Flashpoint, this could have made a great Elseworlds tale.
  • FLASHPOINT: DEATHSTROKE AND THE CURSE OF THE RAVAGER #3 - not as much fun as I'd hoped but this was certainly near the top in terms of the minis that came out of Flashpoint. Mutiny on The Ravager ends up just as you'd expect with Deathstroke wreaking revenge on his traitorous crew before Jenny Blitz's owner/creator turns up and is it my imagination or does he look like Barracuda from Garth Ennis's run on The Punisher?
  • FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #3 - and here's justification for my decision not to pick up the forthcoming Red Lanterns or Justice League Dark books. I'm not a fan of Peter Milligan's writing and he does nothing in this issue to persuade me otherwise. And having Zatanna turn up in a G-string and a pair of pants that barely come up to her crotch? One week DC announce you're recruiting more women to work on your comics, then next they produce stripper-Zatanna. Way to reinforce the demographic you're going for, DC.
  • FLASHPOINT: THE WORLD OF FLASHPOINT #3 - again, not a bad series this one. The ending's a little twee, a little seen it, done it but it's not terrible by any means. I'd be happy enough to see this version of Traci 13 turn up in the DCnU.
  • THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: CENTURY #2 - another superb romp through the world of the League where half the fun is catching the references to other books, films and comics in the background. It's crammed with so much detail, it'll definitely be worth another read. Excellent work!
  • SECRET SIX #36 - oh my, what a final issue. This has been one of my favourite series for the last three years or so and to have it come to an end is bitter sweet to say the least. It's sad that it's finishing, but it's good that it's going out on a high with one of the best writers being able to put a full stop at the end of the adventures she began. Amid the blood, violence and threats, there's genuine warmth between the psychotic friends we've come to know and . . . if not love, then certainly grow fond of. It's an excellent end to a fantastic series - Gail Simone, I thank you.
And what made me smile:

Before things draw to a close, Scandal gets the happy ending she deserves.

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