Friday, 26 August 2011

What Oliver Queen Will Be Getting Everyone For Christmas

Over at Newsarama, there's an interview with JT Krul who's writing the new Green Arrow series. It doesn't give much away, although the line "Green Arrow has a brand new locale... and hasn't forgotten Dinah" gives me a bit of hope that in the new DCU, Black Canary and Ollie will get back together.

What caught my eye, though, was this:
"For the new 52, we'll be focusing on Green Arrow at an earlier part in his life as the emerald archer. He's still got a secret identity and he plays an important role with his father's legacy — Queen Industries. He doesn't run the whole place, but a corner of it called Q-Core, which is responsible for some of the more entertaining electronic devices in the DCU — like the Q-Phone and the Q-Pad."
Will we see any other heroes using the Q-Phone or the Q-Pad?

Keep an eye out for one of these in the new DCU . . .

(And you just know they'd be running Android . . .)

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