Friday, 24 June 2011

If Amsterdam Won't Go To The Mountains . . .

I've seen reports about the rendition of Britain in this week's Flashpoint: Lois Lane and The Resistance but as I haven't read that yet, you'll have to put up with me bitching about another map SNAFU from DC.

Last week's Flashpoint: Deadman And The Flying Graysons gave us an insight into the world of Flashpoint following Aquaman's sinking of most of Western Europe, specifically in the form of this map detailing the journey of the Haley Circus:

Now Flashpoint and its attendant maps has already caused something of a stir but when I saw that, something caught my eye simply to do with the geography.

The altered coastline is a given, really, following Aquaman's actions so I'm not going to grumble about that.

The route the circus takes is fairly accurate as well as a quick look on Google Maps confirms. Here's my plotting of the route:

And here's the two maps overlaid:

Fairly close, I think you'll agree.

However, check the top left corner where, on the Flashpoint map, we have "Alps-Head" which you would presume is the tops or heads of the Alps. Hardly surprising that they managed to peek above the flood waters as the highest mountain in the range, Mont Blanc, is just shy of 16,000 feet.

Problem is, that's not where the Alps are:

That's a rough outline of the Alps which, as you can see, is nowhere near the Alps-Head! To make matters worse, the Alps-Head is located over the Netherlands,
"a geographically low-lying country, with about 25% of its area and 21% of its population located below sea level, and 50% of its land lying less than one metre above sea level."
Not only have the Alps apparently moved, but they've moved to the one place in Europe that's barely above sea level!

And people laugh at Americans' grasp of geography . . .

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