Saturday, 25 June 2011

Geography Lesson

Just a quick note about Flashpoint: Lois Lane And The Resistance:

Was it too difficult for Eddie Nunez to just Google "map of britain"?


  1. is Eddie Nunez American? cause that might explain it. find out just how dumb Americans are at this Youtube link:

    wait a minute. come to think of it i'm American, doh!

  2. Maybe the miisng parts are underwater, given that Aquaman has been repeatedly trying to sink England in the story...

  3. Sorry, snell, I don't buy that. The missing parts (particularly Wales and Scotland) contain some of the highest peaks in Britain while the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk (the big bulge in the lower right of the map) are both low-lying and would have been swallowed as well.

    To add insult to injury, the reporter refers to "The United Kingdom" while only showing England! That's like referring to the United States of America and only showing everything east of Kansas or something!

  4. hey Gary, i think your taking all this rubbish a little too personal mate. and that being said i take it your not from Kansas?

  5. Gary--yeah, like UK broadcasters also show Alska & Hawaii when they show a map of the States :-p

  6. David - I'm in Wales, part of the underwater kingdom apparently!

    Snell - there's a huge difference there, mate: when the continental US gets shown on the news over here, I'll grant you that Alaska and Hawaii don't often appear. Comparing two States which aren't seamlesslyconnected to the rest of the Union to two parts of the UK that are, however, really is like saying this is the United States!


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