Sunday, 20 March 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #122

You hear that, science? Superman wants you to bring back dinosaurs.
It's Sunday so that means comics!

  • BRIGHTEST DAY #22 - Ronnie and Jason really start working together and take on the Anti-Monitor which, you have to admit, takes some balls. As well as inadvertently revealing the Anti-Monitor's full face for (I think) the first time, Firestorm manages to to rescue the White Lantern and free Jason's dad, but at a cost. A good issue on the whole.
  • THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER: THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA #4 - I'm only really including this here because I'm something of a completist. I just skimmed it as the next issue will be the last of The Dark Tower books that I'll be getting.
  • DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #10 - well that didn't end as I expected. We're treated to the death and funeral of Sue Dibny which in turn mirrors the death of our narrator Paul Lincoln's wife before we get the redemption of his brother-in-law and the start of Infinite Crisis. All of which is wrapped up with Lincoln revealed as being in an old folks' home and having been telling the story to one of the carers who doesn't believe him. We get a poignant run down of Blue Beetle life up to Infinite Crisis as well, complete with bitter-sweet ending. All in all, this has been a good series.
  • KNIGHT AND SQUIRE #6 - endings all over the place this week as one of the most fun series in ages comes to a close. How Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton got away with doing such a wonderfully British take on super-heroes is beyond me but I'm so glad they did. Funny and moving in equal measure, if you haven't been reading this you've missed a treat - pick up the trade as soon as you can!
  • POWER GIRL #22 - once again, Winick shows that he can write fun comics as Power Girl and Superman go up against magically created dinosaurs. In flashbacks he shows her getting her company up and running again (spilling a slight spoiler about Justice League: Generation Lost in the process) as well as Superman advising PG to develop a Karen Starr as a real identity. It's good enough that I'm no longer dreading picking this title up each month. And while Sami Basri's art is as lovely as ever, for some reason this issue really highlights the fact that he doesn't do much with the background at all.
And what made me smile:

Farewell, Knight and Squire - it's been fun!

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