Saturday, 5 March 2011

Flashpoint Covers

While I was out last night watching the comedian Stewart Lee, DC were busy throwing out the covers of eight Flashpoint mini-series that are due to run this summer.

Batman, The Knight of Vengeance ties in with the teaser about him spending all his time playing dice at Wayne Casinos. Is the red circle around the bat logo of any significance other than matching the poker chip? Who knows? Written by Brian Azzarello at least it has something of a good pedigree.

Citizen Cold shows the leader of the rogues going up against them while in the background the people of Central/Keystone City cheer him on. The arms of the Rogues in front of him are Weather Wizard, Girder, Dr Phosphorous (I think) Fallout (thanks, Dave!), one of the Trickster's balls (stop sniggering at the back) and Mirror Master. There's a very prominent Rogue missing and with the tag-line to this being "He loves someone he shouldn't" I think I know who it is. Written by Scott Kolins who at least should know the Rogues after spending so much time drawing them.

Deathstroke: The Curse of The Ravager's title calls to mind a recent pirate-themed blockbuster and looks, from the cover at least, to be a ridiculous piece of fun! With Deathstroke as a pirate and, I'm guessing, his ship being The Ravager, and the whole thing being written by Jimmy Palmiotti, this is the one I'm most looking forward to right now.

Although Deadman and The Flying Graysons looks fantastic thanks to the cover by Cliff Chiang, it's written by JT Krul which, to my mind, indicates that it'll either be quite good or just not terrible. Krul has yet to really impress me with either Teen Titans or Green Arrow but here's hoping.

Hal Jordan is obviously what became of the guy when he didn't get the Green Lantern ring. Break it down to that and I have to wonder what he's going to do for the duration of the mini-series. Of course with Geoff Johns's love of Jordan, he could be the linch pin that holds everything together and restores the real DCU at the end of Flashpoint itself, or at least play an important part as this is primarily a Flash series. It's written by Adam Schlagman, one of the editors of Green Lantern, so fingers crossed.

World of Flashpoint shows Aquaman and Wonder Woman fighting in front of an empty Flash uniform (that recalls Crisis on Infinite Earths) before the ruins of Big Ben in London. Nice as it is to see Britain getting a nod, it is kinda unusual. It's written by Rex Ogle, also one of the editors on Green Lantern.

And here's Aquaman again in his own title, Emperor Aquaman, who will apparently "Flood the world then own it" Note the short mini-staff as opposed to the full size one he's using against Wonder Woman above. Just caught my eye, that's all. Written by Tony Bedard which is no bad thing.

In Legion Of Doom, we've got Heat Wave in front of the Legion's headquarters with a bunch of burnt to a crisp corpses in the foreground. I think the tag-line of "Whatever happened to the world's greatest super villains?" may have just been answered. Have a look at Heat Wave's costume - slightly cinched in at the waist, a little fuller in the hips, maybe not as broad in the shoulders. I think in Flashpoint, Heat Wave's a woman and is the person that Captain Cold loves as mentioned above; that explains why his/her arm isn't seen on the cover of Citizen Cold. It's written by Adam Glass, not a name I know.

What did you make of the covers?


  1. I think the character on the Citizen Cold cover might be Fallout. The guy who was powering Iron Heights.

  2. Thanks, Dave - that makes more sense than Dr Phosphorous. Change made.


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