Sunday, 6 March 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #120

Firebrand bemoans the budget deficit

Sunday afternoon = comics!

  • THE BOYS #52 - Greg Mallory makes his reappearance after checking Hughie out in the Highland Laddie mini-series and starts telling him of the first attempts to introduce supes intot World War II. What caught my eye, though, was the edging around the subject of Butcher as Mallory seems to be reinforcing some doubts Hughie's having about his team leader. As the series goes on, Butcher appears to be turning into a Cassidy-like figure from Preacher. He appears to be a loveable rogue but is actually a right bastard.
  • BRIGHTEST DAY #21 - the Martian Manhunter breaks free of D'kay and kills her, sacrificing himself in the process, to save earth. And, surprise, surprise, the White Ring turns up, grants him life and then destroys him. Here's hoping the a bigger scheme to all this.
  • FREEDOM FIGHTERS #7 - okay, Miss America has been acting real bitchy lately, causing arguments in the team and killing criminals. She gets called out in this issue over why she's no longer Miss Cosmos and claims it's just a mystery. Am I alone in thinking this isn't Miss America at all but some doppleganger? Damn, I'm going to miss this series when Flashpoint comes along and cancels it.
  • GREEN LANTERN #63 - see, Judd Winick, this is how you alter someone's origin. Not by discarding it completely and coming up with some crap you did years before with a different character; you add to what's already there, giving depth and motivation. The War of the Green Lanterns starts building up in earnest as we learn more about the origins of Krona and then end with a nod to the hint about there being only three earth-Lanterns left at the end of it.
  • SECRET SIX #31 - even when things start getting serious, this title's still damn entertaining. Ragdoll escapes from Scandal by using the Get Out of Hell Card and the team follow him only to get a nasty surprise when they arrive. Not sure where the team dynamic's going to go at the end of this story arc. Sure, they've betrayed each other in the past but this seems a bit different.
  • THE STAND: NO MAN'S LAND #2 - poor old Harold Lauder sinks further into himself as the good guys send their scouts over to the Dark Man's land.
And what made me smile:

Now that's a corporate advert!

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