Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Night Fights - Going Somewhere?

In honour of St Patrick's day, Spacebooger has decreed a one-off "Green Gauntlet" fight featuring one or more green characters.

Sure, I could have gone for Green Lanterns, Arrows, Lamas, Goblins or Hornets, not to mention Hulks, She-Hulks, Martian Manhunters and Changelings but I thought I'd go for something different.

So with no commentary from me (because if this was a song you should all be singing along), have this:

Remember to head over to Spacebooger and vote, people.

Han shoots first in the pages of Star Wars #2 cover dated August 1977, written by Roy Thomas with art by Howard Chaykin and Steve Leialoha, though the scan comes from the Doomworld trade paperback.

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