Thursday, 10 March 2011

Four Becomes Three

In all the hullabaloo of Flashpoint, I've hardly mentioned the upcoming War of The Green Lanterns event that's going to be running around the same time as the GL movie will be out.  Specifically, there's been the couple of mentions of losing one of the Earth/Sector 2814 Lanterns.

At the end of Green Lantern #62, after getting his ass kicked, Hal Jordan has some sort of vision of the future:

That black on yellow dialogue fits in with what we've seen of Krona, intimating that Jordan's possession by Parallax was somehow a deliberate punishment from the Guardians. Then we have the Guardians themselves proclaiming how dangerous he is post-War (so he obviously survives - no surprise there) since "the loss of one of the Lanterns of Sector 2814."

Then in Green Lantern #63, Jordan and the other leaders of the Corps dip into the Book of the Black and see this little image:

"There will be only three" it says, and somehow I don't think it's referring to the number of Highlander films.

So we're going to be losing a Lantern - it's not going to be Jordan, that much is obvious from the Guardian's words in the first image, so it's either John Stewart, Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner.

Kyle's currently the lead in Green Lantern Corps so I can't really see him losing the ring; John Stewart doesn't seem to have made much of an impact in any of the GL titles, sadly, but I don't think it'll be him, either. My vote is for Guy Gardner . . . but I don't think he's going to die. After all, as was mentioned at the recent Emerald City Comic Con DC Universe panel:
"In response to a question about character relaunches and deaths, [DC Editor-in-Chief Bob] Harras acknowledged that death has been "overdone in the business as a whole." "If death happens it's gotta be a major thing," said Harras of his plans for how to handle death at DC. "It just cheapens it if a character comes back in six months. We're going to slow down with that."" *
No, I think Gardner's going to become the lead in the recently announced Red Lantern book coming out in June.

He's always been the angriest of the Lanterns and this whole deal he and Ganthet have made with Atrocitus seems to point to him having an understanding with them; plus he was temporarily a Red Lantern during Blackest Night, so he's had some experience there. And Gardner himself said that the deal would put him at odds with Jordan.

So there you go - I think Guy's going to be a Red Lantern which is how we'll lose one of the GL's of 2814.

Any thoughts?

* You know, unless you're Tasmanian Devil.

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