Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spandex Still Rules

As I do every now and then, I look at the stats for this blog and it's always nice to see I'm getting a healthy number of hits from both new and returning visitors - at least healthy as far as I'm concerned. One thing regular readers will know about is my continuing amusement and surprise that, almost month on month, my most viewed post is this one from October 2008, the dear old Spandex Clad Butt post.

I had a look at the stats a while back and, sure enough, it's still there at the top spot but the search keywords used to find my blog contained a little variation. Normally "spandex clad butt" is somewhere in the top few entries but now we have this:

"Power of women in spandex" . . . that's kinda . . . specific, don't you think?

So I type it into Google and come back with a website called exactly that - The Power of Women in Spandex which is possibly NSFW though at first glance it looks quite tame. The site has apparently been
"At the forefront of spandex fashion for over 10 years!"
and has a site mission
"To show the beauty of the female form in one of the (if not the) most erotic fabrics ever created, Lyrca Spandex"
Each to their own, I guess - I'm certainly not judging, though it did make me laugh that they have an ad at the bottom of their landing page for this site (definitely NSFW):

which not only appears to use the same font that I use for my Cocktail posts (Badaboom BB from Blambot) but also has it in the same damn colour!

I am unconsciously in tune with people who have very specific tastes.

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