Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Night Fights - Punch Lines

Over at Spacebooger, the fights keep rolling in. This time round, the rules are that I can't use any character I've featured so far - this means Catwoman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan are off limits for the rest of the fights.

This week, then, I've been trawling through some old trades and came across this little gem:

Yep, that's the Creeper facing off against the Joker; it's not often you get to see the Clown Prince of Crime in a fist fight, mainly because he just stands there and gets BIFFED!

Those last couple of panels above might look like the Joker's down and out . . .

. . . but no! That's lead weighted coat tails in action, folks!

And in a quick reversal of fortune, the Joker flips the Creeper head over heels.

Head over to Spacebooger, folks, check out the other fights and remember:

This hilarious (apparently) stand-up fight between stand-ups first appeared in The Joker #3 cover dated September 1975, written by Denny O'Neil with art by Ernie Chan and José Luis García-López.

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