Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Night Fights - Green Lantern Vs The Los Angeles Chronicle

This is it: the championship bout, the final fight of Spacebooger's round of battles where the bad guys win. Those of us who were lucky enough to win one of the twelve initial rounds have to post a final fight tonight to decide the overall winner and I'm once more going for the lucky rabbit's foot that is Green Lantern Hal Jordan being defeated by the lamest villain I could find:

That's the Shark that GL's going up against this time, a villain who had a small appearance in the latest Green Lantern series as a bigger and badder villain but he's not the enemy that Jordan has to watch out for this time round . . .

GL's power ring might protect him from mortal harm but it's no use against a discarded copy of the Los Angeles Chronicle!

And with the Lantern distracted and confused, the Shark takes advantage of the Chronicle's attack and pretty much wipes Lantern's mind . . .

. . . leaving him covered by the Chronicle, "the very instrument of his downfall"!

Now I want all of you (yes, even you at the back) to head over to Spacebooger's Baddest of The Bad post (which will be up at 4pm EST / 8pm GMT) check out the other fights and vote for your favourite!

The brightest light in the DC Universe was knocked out by a simple newspaper (okay, the Shark helped) in Green Lantern #175 cover dated April 1984, written by Len Wein with art by the wonderful Dave Gibbons.


  1. Thanks, snell - soon as I saw this fight I just had to use it!

  2. Yeah, I can totally see how Hal was the greatest Green Lantern ever. And by can see I mean certain DC staffers must only know Hal through Superfriends.


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