Sunday, 11 April 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #78

You don't miss it till it's gone, do you? I've had no net access for the last couple of days and at the moment it's kinda patchy so I'm waiting on an engineer to arrive tomorrow. No Cocktail post last week either as I was away. Anyhow, in the meantime: comics!

  • The Boys #41 - Oh poor Wee Hughie's getting in deeper and deeper and Butcher's thinking the worst. Paranoia's a bad thing, people.
  • Doom Patrol #9 - I'm really enjoying this series so am just waiting for the cancellation notice to arrive. Like The All New Atom, Blue Beetle and Shadowpact over the last couple of years, this is a fun comic that's probably not going to survive more's the pity. Trust me, people: if you're not getting this, add it to your pull list before it's too late.
  • JSA All-Stars #5 - I'm liking Anna Fortune, the All-Stars' new spell caster; she's presumably British (unless my ear for dialogue's completely off) and has a cool look. More of her, Mr Sturges, more I say!
    • Liberty Belle & Hourman co-feature - this is really working out to be kinda cool as well with the two teams . . . er . . . teaming up and bickering. Shame they'll end up as enemies once more after this.
  • Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #8 - holy crap! None of them can die! Lady Satan dies and gets a name change; the Green Lama strikes a deal; and the real Kid Terror's reaaaaaaaaaaally pissed off! This series seemed to be wandering for a bit but it looks like it's back on track.
And what made me smile:
I love that badge (button for the American readers) that Ambush Bug's wearing! And why does that symbol on the belt look so damn familiar . . . ? Anyone?

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