Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Night Fight - Physics = Pain

So here we go with the first round of the new Friday Night Fights as promoted by Spacebooger - Minimum Clonage where we can only use one character once. So who am I going for?

Yep, that's Catwoman, probably DC's premier femme fatale - thing is, this isn't a Batman book . . .

Nor is this a physics text book despite the interesting fact Catwoman produces . . .

Oh man . . . don't get me wrong, I'm no lover of Prometheus here but just about every guy should show some sympathy with him at this point . . . the speed of sound between his legs . . . ouch . . .

I'm guessing "Huh. Wuh. Tuhh." is all the answer Catwoman's going to get right now.

This fine display of physics in action comes from JLA #17 cover dated April 1998, written by Grant Morrison with art by Arnie Jorgenson, Dave Meikis and Mark Pennington.

Remember folks:

Click on the picture to go direct to the fight which will be up at 4PM (EST) on Friday.

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