Sunday, 17 July 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #138

Lady Mechanika points out the obvious to an alcoholic.

Sunday afternoon, here's what I picked up this week:

  • BOOSTER GOLD #46 - it's Booster vs Doomsday round 2. Despite attempts to alert the military that he's trying to help, they don't believe him and once back in control of Doomsday, Booster gets his butt handed to him. Another solid issue but with nothing really outstanding - it is just a big fight after all.
  • FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #2 - half-flashback origin, half-present time attack on New Themyscira, this issue's notable mostly for the casual way in which Siren, re-introduced to the world in Brightest Day, is dealt with, though it does have a cracking last line from Wonder Woman.
  • FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #2 - the Rogues attempt to take their revenge on Cold but he proves too hard to kill. It's okay but is nothing special.
  • FLASHPOINT: DEATHSTROKE AND THE CURSE OF THE RAVAGER #2 - Aquaman sure is busy, attacking New Themyscira and stabbing Deathstroke in the heart all in the same week. As with a lot of Palmiotti's stuff, the death toll is high and the dialogue is fun; one of the better Flashpoint minis.
  • FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN #2 - just the right mix of back story, exposition and action turns this into possibly my favourite of the Flashpoint minis and gives me high hopes for the Lemire-written Frankenstein series coming in the relaunch.
  • GREEN LANTERN #67 - I picked up my comics on Friday which meant spending the two previous days hiding from any comics news sites, ignoring the things that turned up in my feed reader and not reading comic blogs to avoid the conclusion to the War of The Green Lanterns. And what a conclusion. When word came in that there would only be three Earth-born Lanterns left, just about everyone (me included) thought that meant the death of one of them, not (Spoilers on - highlight to read)  the sacking of Hal Jordan from the Corps and the reinstatement of Sinestro! Well done, Geoff Johns: you caught me on the hop completely.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #61 - another done-in-one fill in issue about a new Corps member seeking out poor old John Stewart for some advice. John's had a rough time over the years and with the weight of having just killed Mogo on his shoulders, it looks like it's not getting easier for him.
  • LADY MECHANIKA #2 - it's been so long since issue #1 (back in December last year!) that I had to get issue #0 and #1 out to re-read so I could work out what the heck was going on! Still, I'm willing to forgive Benitez as his art and writing are both gorgeous. Now if he can just up the production rate...
  • PUNISHERMAX #15 - looks like a week of flashbacks all round as Castle thinks back on how he got to where he is: sat in a prison cell, facing a grenade that's just had the pin pulled. It looks like next issue is the park visit where his family get killed and, perhaps, we find out what his last words were to his wife. Another sterling issue.
  • TEEN TITANS #97 - hooray, the Titans defeat an Indian demon and a new heroine joins the team just in time for it to be cancelled in the relaunch! Much of a muchness, I'm afraid.
And what made me smile:


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