Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Green Lantern #2 (And Power Girl?)

Renegade Green Lantern Sinestro sets a course for Korugar with one purpose: To free his homeworld from the scourge of... The Sinestro Corps?!
Kinda hard to pick something from the full DC solicitations but Green Lantern caught my eye along with this:

Voodoo #2 -
Is she a hero? Is she a villain? Voodoo is on the run in the new DC Universe, trying to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, using all of her considerable skills to complete a mission that will put the entire Earth in danger. DC’s sexy, edgy new series goes into overdrive with one of the most unexpected opening scenes ever!
Now it may be simply because it's illustrated by Sami Basri, but does that look like Power Girl on the cover to you? True, the gun and the earrings may be a mark against, but DC have said that Karen Starr will be in the new DCU, not necessarily her alter ego.

Guess we have to wait and see.

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