Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Judge Dredd Pictures

Just a quick one - images from next year's Judge Dredd movie have appeared over at Superherohype.

I'm liking the battered, worn look to the helmet/uniform - gives it a sense of realism.


  1. let's just hope it's significantly better then the first one. it not having Rob Sneider is a good step in the right direction. hopefully, it won't in general having any slap sticky type comedy relief characters at all that will just make the movie campy. i like Karl Urban but unfortunately he doesn't have a very good movie resume when you take a look at films he's done over the years. even in the case of the latest Star Trek film he did a brilliant job as a younger Dr. McCoy but the movie over all fell flat with me.

  2. It can't be any worse than the first, surely!

    I'm not a Trek fan but enjoyed the re-boot movie with Urban & co.


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