Sunday, 24 July 2011

Voodoo's Not Terrific

Apologies for the dreadful punning post title.

On Wednesday, I posted the above cover to Voodoo #2 and mentioned the left hand character's resemblance to Power Girl or, more correctly in the new DCU, Karen Starr.

It seems unlikely, though, that it is her as this came out during a DC panel earlier this weekend:
The next question was about a statement earlier in the day that Karen Starr would appear in "Mr. Terrific." Confirming the fan's suspicions, [Mr Terrific writer Eric] Wallace said, "Power Girl may or may not exist in this universe, but Karen Starr does."
So Karen Starr's going to be in Mr Terrific and may or may not be Power Girl. Another comment Wallace made was kinda interesting:
Wallace then spoke about the difficulty of writing "Mr. Terrific." "I'm not the second or third smartest person in the world," he said. Wallace again cited James Bond, but also said there's a huge science fiction aspect to it. "'Anything can happen' has sort of been our motto from the start," he said, adding that the character goes into space "rather quickly."

I suppose the "science fiction aspect" and Terrific heading "into space" could both lead to a Power Girl appearance but, again, I guess we wait and see.

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