Wednesday, 13 July 2011

38.462 Per Cent Of 52 New Titles

That's how many I'm ordering, folks - twenty of the 52 new DC titles will be in my pull list come September as I had to hand in my order to my comic shop on the weekend.

For me, the titles fall into four distinct categories:

Regular Titles

Things like Green Arrow, the Green Lantern titles and Teen Titans are those I'm getting at the moment so despite some changes in creators, I'm sticking with them.

Interest in Creator

All-Star Western, AquamanDemon Knights, Fury of Firestorm, both Justice League titles and Stormwatch I'm picking up because I like the creators' stuff.

Interest in Character

Blue Beetle, Mr TerrificResurrection Man, Hawkman and Swamp Thing will be joining the roll call simply because I like the characters.

Trial Runs

Which leave Captain AtomFrankenstein and Voodoo in the see what happens category.

I still mourn the loss of titles like Power Girl, Zatanna and Secret Six but, as I've said before, I'm trying to be optimistic about this whole relaunch. Plus the recent release of a Huntress mini-series in October means that the 52 titles released in September aren't everything.

Let's see what happens, eh?


  1. I have been on the fence with a lot of titles before the redothingienotareboot. I think I am down to the following, at least for the DCnU books:

    (Character or team)
    The Flash
    Legion Lost
    Legion of Super Heroes
    Animal Man (also for the creative team)

    The Shade (12 issues)
    Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Origin (mini)
    (Creative Team Drawing me in)
    Swamp Thing

    Vertigo stuff that I read is:
    American Vampire

    I was going to try some others, but my interest in some other books by smaller publishers has won out. Some I already read.

    Darkwing Duck
    The Walking Dead
    Green Hornet: Year One
    Bionic Man
    Planet of the Apes
    Zorro (The Matt Wagner book)

  2. Add All-Star Western in there as well.

  3. Yeah, some of these might not last past six issues (and I mean either me not enjoying them or DC canning them).

    As I came to Walking Dead late, I pick that up in trades.

  4. Of the DCnU stuff, the ones I am getting would have to be pretty bad for me to drop. the safest being on top:

    The Shade (12 issues, and Robinson proved he still had it with these characters with the Blackest Night tie in issue of Starman)

    Legion Lost
    Legion of Super Heroes
    Legion of Super-Heroes: Secret Origin (mini)
    These three are my joy. Three LSH books. I'm there. I have survived several reboots already with these characters...not gonna give up now.

    The Flash (I have every issue since 1970 (maybe missing a few around Bart's run and the end of Wally's - which will be filled in soon.) so this would have to be really bad for me to drop.

    Batman (Snyder is gold so far with I do not see this one slipping soon.)

    Animal Man (Love the character, but the take has to be right for me.)

    Swamp Thing (Buying this on the Strength of Snyder, his stuff is great so far on Batman and American this should be a nice merging of his shown strengths.)

    There were others I though of trying, but these are the ones I have faith in. Maybe grab a trade or two of some others after those start coming out. Depending on what I hear about them.


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