Sunday, 10 July 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #137

Because, you know, a man of science would really be worried about his soul.

It's another Sunday and another quick round-up of this week's comics:

  • THE BOYS #56 - heh, so that's how Kessler got his nickname. Another cracking issue as Wee Hughie rejoins the Boys and gets straight into a case of yet more sick and lethal activity by the supes, while the Seven argue over whether Jack from Jupiter's guilty of the crime the Boys are investigating. There's a lot of uncomfortable lies told by Hughie, made all the worse by the suspicion that Butcher may not believe him but doesn't give anything away. Quality stuff.
  • FLASHPOINT #3 - skintight bandages, Batman? On third degree burns? and I thought you were a doctor. Despite that, Flash manages to get his powers back, Lois Lane meets the resistance and Superman is discovered and rescued . . . after a fashion. Flash seems to get a little closer to getting help in restoring his timeline though the loss of Superman may be a blow to his attempt. Not a bad issue, but nothing brilliant either.
  • FLASHPOINT: BATMAN - KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #2 - having had the last page reveal spoiled for me by the uncaring sods over at Bleeding Cool, unfortunately this issue held no real surprise. Still, the writing's tight and the art's nice. One of the better Flashpoint minis at the moment.
  • FLASHPOINT: ABIN-SUR THE GREEN LANTERN #2 - whereas this one's a bit all over the place. Everything's a bit rushed - here's Abin-Sur in the past, here he is in the future facing off against Sinestro. Much of a muchness.
  • FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #2 - as with last issue, I didn't care for this at all and I didn't even have any George Perez art to soften the blow.
  • FLASHPOINT: WORLD OF FLASHPOINT #2 - Traci 13 teleports all over the world trying to get people to help her against her father who turns out to be something not quite expected. While it may be seen as something of a tour guide to Flashpoint, you have to remember the title, so that can't really be held against it. On the whole, this wasn't bad.
  • SECRET SIX #35 - it's like being a kid and knowing there's only a couple of weeks left before the end of the holidays and the return to school. You're enjoying yourself but you're steadily becoming aware that it's all too soon going to end. I am so going to miss this title, I really am. As it is, Gail Simone and co seem intent on going out with one last hurrah next issue as the team go up against Batman's friends.
And what made me smile:

It never is, Deadshot, it never is!

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