Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Strange Definition Of Normal

Reading through the report on DC's Event Horizon panel at Comic-Con the other day, I was frankly amazed at this line from Nick Spencer who's taking on the writing duties of the Jimmy Olsen co-feature in Action Comics:
"Jimmy Olsen’s always been one of my favorite characters… It’s about what it’s like to be a normal guy in the DC universe. He really is a normal man."
Normal? Really?!

I'm only the most casual of Superman readers but even I know there's nothing normal about this guy. He's the sort of guy who happily leaves his butt at the other end of a pipe laying in the middle of nowhere:

He's not averse to a bit of cross-dressing (and being confident enough to pull it off . . . at least in his mind):

We all know he used to be Turtle Boy, but who remembers GIANT Turtle Boy from the otherwise forgettable Countdown - he wrestled Darkseid himself:

Did I mention the cross-dressing?

He's been through so many changes, there's even a trade paperback collecting them!

But seriously, how could anyone describe a guy as "normal" when he looks like this:

Nick Spencer - you may wish to re-evaluate your thoughts on Jimmy.

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