Thursday, 19 August 2010

Don't I Know You From Somewhere?

Perusing the DC solicitations over at Newsarama the other day, I came across the description of Power Girl #18:
"Going toe-to-toe with her equal. Power Girl finds out that life isn’t always divine! Meet Divine: a powerhouse of a woman gunning to become Power Girl’s replacement!"
which was accompanied by the cover art:

Looks like Power Girl gets a new enemy who's equally matched. Fair enough - I'm all for building up her rogues gallery.

Looking at Divine (which, by the way, sucks as a villain's name) I found myself thinking "Where have I seen that particular ensemble before?"

A quick rummage through my trades and voila: Fatale from Inherit The Earth wearing an almost identical outfit, minus the gloves:

Now with the judicious insertion of the phrase "spandex-clad butt" maybe I can get this post to fight it out with (still) my most popular post in terms of hits.

I swear, if I was concerned at all about getting more hits to this blog I'd throw that phrase into just about every post!

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