Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday Covers #11

Justice League of America #62
I don't subscribe to the thought that some things (whether they be books or films or whatever) can be so bad they're good. If something's that bad, then it's bloody awful.

However, the cover above has long been one that's made me laugh because it's so bad - for years I was convinced Batman had simply opened and oven and the Leaguers were looking at the mess Wonder Woman had made of their supper . . . because in 1968, you just know Wonder Woman would have been doing the cooking.

The perspective's wrong as well - the intention may be that the heroes are looking down into the box, but because of the text and the lines coming from the sides of the cover, it looks like they're looking into it from the front . . . which means Hawkman's upside down!


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