Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Ah, those two little letters thrown together which, over here in the UK, basically mean "Hey!" or "Hey, you!" or "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing, scratching hell out of the arm of the sofa?"

Admittedly that last one's more likely to be heard in houses where cats live (mine in particular) but those two little letters form an interjection, something to get someone's attention for whatever reason, and as such should always be accompanied by an exclamation mark.

What they don't do is sit at the start and end of a perfectly normal sentence, unless the speaker has a form of Tourette's.

As the Beefeater apparently does:

That sentence in the middle works a treat - even the use of "guv'nor" is spot on.

But that "Oi." at the start . . . and the "Oi." at the end . . . completely superfluous and yet another wonderful example of British dialogue written by American writers.

Don't worry - I have more to come . . .

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