Friday, 20 August 2010

Spandex! Clad! Butt!

I've written before about how this post which contains the phrase "spandex-clad butt" is consistently at the top of my hit reports for individual posts despite being almost two years old. There are obviously a fair few people out there in the wide world who have a thing for spandex and butts and, through the wonder of the internet, they keep finding this blog. I'd like to think they stop and have a read of something else here but, if I'm honest, I have a feeling the interest lays more with butts than superheroes.

Anyhow, I mentioned this just yesterday in another post, jokingly throwing in a reference to the phrase which appeared in Justice League of Amazons, spoken by both Huntress and Power Girl.

I've been re-reading some JSA: Classified issues lately and in a wonderful burst of synchronicity came across this exchange in #19 between Roulette and her hired help:

Let's have a closer look at that third panel, shall we, where we can read Roulette's dialogue:

Well I'll be damned!

Have I stumbled across a meme within the DCU?!

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