Sunday, 7 February 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #70

  • The Boys #39 - the crap gets ready to hit the fan as Butcher discovers just who Wee Hughie's been dating.
  • Doom Patrol #7 - woah, wait a second - when did Oberon get that head of hair?!
    • Metal Men co-feature - ah, farewell Metal Men, it was good fun while it lasted.
  • Justice Society of America Annual #2 - this ties in nicely with events in Magog and the JSA All-Stars, so much so that if you haven't read Magog you might be a little lost. There were a lot of questions when Magog received his ongoing series, many revolving around why such a minor character who was also a pain in the arse should have a series. Turns out, written by Keith Giffen, it's not so bad and this issue goes some way to rounding out - or at least highlighting - who he is. He's a jerk who, as Power Girl says, is "going about this the wrong way . . . but he's doing the right thing."
  • The Question #37 - another done in one Blackest Night tie-in. It was okay but I find Sienkiewicz's art just plain ugly.
  • Red Tornado #6 - and the mini-series comes to an end rather quietly. That's not a criticism; if anything, the reaction of Red Inferno was somewhat fitting. I wish DC writers/artists would get a handle on how old Traya is and how she speaks - wasn't she in her early teens in Young Justice? Here she looks to be about 5 or 6.
And what made me smile:

Maybe the joke's a little obvious but Maguire's artwork sells it.

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