Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Night Fight - Tears Of The Batman

Another Friday Night, another Fight where the bad guys win as decreed by Spacebooger.

This week we're off to another world, an Elseworld, where for the sake of a nail, all sorts of crap goes down.

Ask and you shall receive, Joker - Robin and Batgirl to the rescue of Batman who's been captured by the Clown Prince of Crime's new high tech wristbands. But wait! What's this?

Damn that infernal technology of his!

The Joker's out for some twisted form of revenge, killing Robin and Batgirl as Batman looks on until . . .

Oooooh, something tells me he's not going to sleep well tonight . . .

This mind-snapping torture first appeared in Justice League of America: The Nail #1, cover dated August 1998, written by Alan Davis with art by Davis and Mark Farmer, though the scans come from the trade paperback.

And remember, friends:

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